Palestine is the holiest land of Islam after Makkah al-Mukarama and Madina al-Munawara due to presence of the city of Jerusalem or al-Quds.

We shall never forget Palestine or let it be forgotten. Let’s Palestine live in our hearts.

Our hearts are bleeding without an apparent reason. I’m afraid we’ll continue bleeding as long as the children of Palestine are being killed without an apparent reason. The only thing that is apparent is that the Zionist murderers won’t stop until they drink the last drop of our blood.

Young mothers in Gaza, Ramallah, al Khalil and Nablus may tell their children lullabies about the country of hidden dreams. “O my baby, once upon a time there was a land called Palestine. O my baby, there was once a great King, who ruled his kingdom with justice and wisdom. Jews, the children of prophet Moses (pbuh (peace be upon him)), Christians, the children of prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Muslims, the children of prophet Muhammad (pbuh), they all lived and played together peacefully in front of Masjid ul Aqsa. O my baby, sleep now.”

Jerusalem, once the center of fighting for King Saladin. We still live in Saladin’s dream.

The land of justice while everything was just between the lips of the greatest Kurdish King. O Allah bless him forever in the heaven of Adn.

800 years have passed since Saladin passed away. So long time that we Muslims forgot who we were and who we are. So long time that we even become inert when occupying state of Israel is bombing the children of Palestine.

Isn’t it so scary and awful that we are unable to show a slightest sign of reaction while our future is under siege?

O Allah, I beg for your pardon on behalf of all Muslims. You are the most compassionate and merciful.

O Allah, I beg you to bring together our forces as one Ummah. Please keep us on the straight path. Be kind to us and let us be worthy of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as his followers.

One day our prayers may reach Allah’s throne. However, we have no answer if he asks what we have done as Muslims? The answer is so long a big “nothing”.

O Allah, with no doubt, if you judge us based on what we are doing as Muslims, you shall never give us anything or help us in any condition. But we have nowhere to go, therefore we still come to you and ask for your pardon and support since you are our creator, who has an endless mercy. We seek your asylum just because of that.


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