Haberleri Tümü


Please be quite it is now time for his remembrance.

Please be silent,

all the creatures, live and dead,

humans and animals,

every particle of sand of the Sahara,

every drop of rain during monsoon session ,

each snowflake of Kilimanjaro mountains,

all the waves in the Pacific Ocean,

every tree in the Amazon jungle,

every piece of mud in the Great Wall of China, please be silent when his name is mentioned anywhere, anytime like tonight.

No word is greater than his words.

No sentence is more meaningful than his sentences.

No phrase is better in placed than his one.

No meaning is heavier than his.

No pray is straighter to the throne of Allah the Almighty than his.

Therefore please keep silent when you’re about to hear his words of wisdom.

Please be like a dead or like those who seem to carry pigeons over their heads when he was talking.

Please praise him, the one who is praised by Allah the Merciful.

1443 years ago today and tonight came the greatest gift of Allah the Grateful to the mankind, please be deadly quite when the baby starts crying.

Please listen to this crying voice to Allah for your pardon.

HE was/is the one;

Habibullah to Allah,

The dearest friend of the second one of the two in the Cave, Abu Bakr.

The teardrop of Bahira.

The father to Fatimat-ul Zahra, the mother to the martyr of Karbala, Husain, the grandson.

The father-in-law to Aliyun Morteza, the sun shining over the battlefields of Badr, Uhud and Haybar.

The nephew to Hamza, the lion of Allah.

Please be silent and listen to HIM now:

“O muslims, be aware that you are brothers and sisters. Pray to Allah five times a day. As long as you keep attached to the Quran and the Sunna, you will be in safe. Be kind to your parents. Help your wives. Be gentle to your children. Make the things easier for everyone. Don’t suppress others. There is nothing important than Takwa to have as your belonging during the day of Judgement. Say only the rightful or KEEP SILENT!”

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